Mary Of Nazareth - Chosen for a fate unlike any other. In this respectful approach to the life of the Virgin Mary, the film lets the viewer share in the mystery and adventure of a young girl upon whom a great role is suddenly thrust. From the Annunciation to Easter Sunday, all the stations of Mary’s life are portrayed, all the joys and the sorrows. Helping to weave the emotional tapestry of her life are the men and women around her, the foremost being Joseph, Mary’s husband, a man of flesh and blood who is called upon to believe in the uniqueness of Mary’s destiny, and to forego many of the rights and privileges of marriage. 2012. Stars: Alissa Jung, Paz Vega, Andreas Pietschmann *Licensed from Bruder Releasing Inc. All rights reserved* *Welcome to Movie Central, SUBSCRIBE NOW!* - *MORE FREE MOVIES on YouTube!* - 🌟 Free Action Movies: 🌟 Free Sci-Fi Movies: 🌟 Free Horror Movies: 🌟 Free Asylum Movies: 🌟 Free Crime/Thriller: 🌟 Free Drama Movies: 🌟 Free Comedy Movies: 🌟 Free Western Movies: 🌟 Free Adventure Movies: 🌟 MOVIE CENTRAL Channel: ** All of the content on this channel is under legal license from various copyright holders and distributors. We ask you to please contact us if you believe there are any copyright issues via - ** #bible #Lent #jesuschrist #goodfriday #Easter