Our mission


I firmly believe that God exists and loves us. And just as we need Him at every moment, He also needs us and invites us to mission.

For many years I meditated on my Mission, mulling over something that was always clear in reality: God calls me to announce the good news through technology and new media.
That is why - not without difficulties - I decided to embark on this path that I hope to -at least- bring some joy, trust, faith and hope to the brother who visits us.
It is a personal and independent project done in my free time, however I count on the unconditional support of my girlfriend, family and friends, as well as the beautiful illustrations that Luis Camargo made, that added to the support and trust of God makes this become my little mustard seed, and in turn transforms me too!
I appreciate your visit, as well as that -without any obligation- you help me share it so we can reach more brothers! I would also love to have your help, collaborating with articles, drawings, songs, podcast or whatever your Mission was.
Hugs in Christ Jesus. Pablo